How do I get billed for ServiceM8?

You can choose a capped plan from Starter, Growing, Premium or Premium Plus that fits your business requirements. Check the rates here: ServiceM8 Pricing.

Monthly Invoice

Billing payment terms are in advance or "upfront" i.e. if a new account is created on 10th of January, the account will be charged the plan amount that day, and the billing cycle will be monthly from that date (10th February, 10th March and so on).

Your excess usage will be itemised on the invoice.

The invoice will be e-mailed to your company e-mail address configured in Settings > Preferences. You can also view all previous invoices in your account online by going to Settings > ServiceM8 Account > Past Invoices.

To pay your invoice, you enter the  credit card details when you first sign up, then you can update it later on in Settings > ServiceM8 Account (there is a button labelled "Update" next to your current card).

Your credit card will be automatically charged for your outstanding balance each month.

Is there a free trial period?

There is a 14-day free trial. The free trial will include unlimited jobs, access to all add-ons, and a limited number of SMSs. After that you will need to choose a capped plan to continue using ServiceM8.

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