What are Job Checklists, and how do I use them?

As part of creating a new job, you can make a checklist of work requirements for completion. This is a great tool to clearly communicate the scope and requirements of a job to field staff, improving quality and consistency, and ensuring each job is done right the first time. 


How to create a checklist

You can create a checklist in a jobs Description, in the app or online.

To create a checklist, when entering the job's Description in the job card, start each job requirement on a new line with a dash symbol ( - ):


Each job requirement will be presented as a separate checklist item in the app. Staff simply tap a checklist item to mark it as completed:

How to create multiple checklists on a job

If you want to divide a jobs requirements by category, such as by room, stage or staff member, you can create multiple checklists per job card. Simply add a title (followed by a colon) at the top of each separate checklist:


Each titled list will then present as a separate checklist in the app:


Checklist Tips

  • When you tap a checklist item with the word "photo" in it (e.g."- take before photo") the app will automatically open the camera.
  • Completed checklist requirements are automatically added to the jobs description of Work Completed to assist with invoicing
  • The time and staff member who completed the checklist item will be recorded in the jobs Diary for future reference.
  • If you use the Forms Add-on to complete various reports, inspections and/or certificates digitally on site, you can set the completion of a specific Form as a checklist requirement by activating the Forms Badge on the job card:
  • Keep in mind you can preset checklists in the job Descriptions of your Job Templates, to systemise use of checklists for your most popular jobs & services:
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