How to set up and use Assignable Queues

(For a brief overview of how Job Queues are used in ServiceM8 workflows, see the section titled Using Queues to help manage jobs in the Dispatch Board - Overview article.)

Assignable Queues help you manage key internal tasks that your staff members must complete before a job can move forward. For example, you may need someone to provide a quote to a client, or to source an unusual part. When you move a job to an Assignable Queue - in other words, a job queue that requires internal action - you will be prompted to assign it to a staff member before saving.

This article covers setting up an Assignable Queue, moving jobs to Assignable Queues, and reviewing jobs in Assignable Queues.

Setting up an Assignable Queue

To set up an Assignable Queue:

  1. From your Online Dashboard, go to Settings > Job Queues.
settings to job queues
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  1. Click Add Queue.
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  1. Fill out the Job Queue fields as follows:
    • Name: Input a queue name (best practice is to identify the action, such as "To be quoted", or "Parts to be ordered")
    • Queue Type: Select "For jobs requiring action"
    • Default Timeframe: Select the default time to act (this can always be changed when assigning the task in the queue)
  1. Click Save Changes.
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When you go to your Dispatch Board view, you will now see each Assignable Queue as a beige folder icon in your Queues section.

assignable queue folder
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Moving jobs to Assignable Queues

You move jobs to Assignable Queues in the same way as you would move them to regular job queues.

From the Online Dashboard:

Drag a job from the Jobs List and drop it on the appropriate Assignable Queue icon, or move it to a queue by clicking Queue from the Job Card.

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When you move a job to an Assignable Queue, you must indicate the assigned staff member before clicking Save.

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From the ServiceM8 App:

  1. Open the job, then tap More on the Job Actions bar.
more button on job action bar
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  1. Tap Send Job to Queue.
send job to queue
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  1. Tap the Assignable Queue.
selecing the queue
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  1. You will be prompted to set an expiry and assign the job to a staff member. Do so, then tap Done.
assigning the job
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Reviewing jobs in Assignable Queues

If you are assigned a job in an Assignable Queue, you must take action before the job can progress. You can review jobs in Assignable Queues from several locations, both from the Online Dashboard and the ServiceM8 App.

From the Dispatch Board in the Online Dashboard

To see all assigned jobs within an Assignable Queue:

  • Click the Assignable Queue icon, or filter the Jobs List by the Assignable Queue. Jobs in that queue will appear in the Jobs List with staff members names attached.
Filter the Jobs List.
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To see only the jobs assigned to you within an Assignable Queue:

  • Filter the Jobs List by "For My Review". Any jobs assigned to you in Assignable Queues will be listed under the queue name.

From the ServiceM8 App

To see only the jobs assigned to you in Assignable Queues:

  • Tap Jobs, then tap For My Review. Jobs assigned to you in Assignable Queues will appear in your list.
jobs view on app
for my review
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