How to set up Quote & Form templates for remote signature

To capture customer signatures on Quotes & Forms, you must first add the special customer signature and signature date fields.

The first step is to make sure you have Microsoft Word installed to edit DOCX files, then download the DOCX template file for your Quote or Form.

For quotes, download your template by going to Settings > Document Templates. Select the Quote template you want to amend, then download the template by clicking the "click here" link in the help panel. 

For Forms, download your current DOCX template using the "Download Current Template" link in the Form editing window. If you have not yet created a template, you can download a sample template by clicking the "Download Sample Template" button at the bottom of the window.

Note that you do not need a "Signature" form question to capture customer signatures -- this question type is used to capture the signature of the person completing the form.

Once you have your DOCX, insert the image_customer_signature mergefield where you want the customer signature to be shown. Insert the  customer_signature_date mergefield if you would also like to show the date on which the customer added their signature. To learn how to add or edit mergefields, refer to this help article.

When you are happy with your template, save it and upload it back into your ServiceM8 account.  Remember to click save after uploading your template.

You are now ready to send your Quotes and Forms to your customers.

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