When will ServiceM8 support Android-based devices?


ServiceM8 is an Apple exclusive product and we have no plans to develop an Android app.

There’s nothing wrong with Android – it’s actually a great product, but when we set out to design ServiceM8 we wanted to provide a product at a price point that blew other systems out of the water, and one of the ways we have achieved that is by aligning ServiceM8 with the leading product in each industry. Eg, we only support a single document scanner, we only support MS Word for template design, and we only support Apple Devices for mobile access.

While the obvious disadvantage is that this limits / excludes customers who have other devices – the benefits to our customers is huge. 100% of our mobile R&D budget goes into a single app, instead of being halved across two platforms, we’re able to bring out features faster and produce an app of a higher quality without doubling what we charge customers.

The lifetime of most mobile devices is the length of your telco contract, ie ~ 2 Years, while most small businesses will stick with software for much longer. So it makes more sense to align your mobile devices to your business software rather than vice-versa. Telstra/Optus/other telcos are also flexible mid-contract with upgrading your phone if your willing to re-commit to an another contract - either for free of for an upgrade charge depending on how many months remain on your current contract.

Not all my staff have iDevices how can I use ServiceM8?

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