Available fields for invoice and quote templates

ServiceM8 invoice and quote templates use fields, which are dynamic references to information contained within ServiceM8. The list below contains all available fields that can be used with ServiceM8's template system. (To learn more about modifying fields within templates, read this article.)

For fields correctly formatted and ready to paste into your document, download the following file and open it in Microsoft Word.


Global Invoice/Quote Template Fields

Field Name Description
job.date  Job Creation Date
job.contact_first  Customer's Job Contact First Name
job.contact_last  Customers Job Contact Last Name
job.phone_1  Customer's Job Contact Phone
job.mobile  Customer's Job Contact Mobile
job.email  Customer's Job Contact Email Address
job.job_address  Customer's Job Address
job.job_address_singleline  Customer's Job Address (On a single line)
job.billing_address  Customer's Billing Address
job.instantpost_billing_address  Customer's Billing Address in Postal Format addressed to the Billing Contact. Details default to Job Contact and Job Address if Billing Contact and Billing Address are not available.
job.status  Current Status of Job (Quote / Work Order / Completed / Unsuccessful)
job.quote_date  Date job was marked as a Quote
job.work_order_date  Date job was marked as a Work Order
job.description  Job Description
job.work_done_description  Job Work Completed Details
job.generated_job_id  Job Number
job.completion_date  Date job was marked completed
job.completion_actioned_by  Staff Member's name who marked job completed
job.unsuccessful_date  Date job was marked unsuccessful
job.billing_contact_first  Customer's Billing Contact First Name
job.billing_contact_last  Customer's Billing Contact Last Name
job.phone_2  Customer's Billing Contact Phone
job.billing_mobile  Customer's Billing Contact Mobile
job.billing_email  Customer's Billing Email Address
Property Manager Contact First Name
job.property_manager_last Property Manager Contact Last Name
Property Manager Contact Email Address
Property Manager Contact Phone Number
Property Manager Contact Mobile Number
job.purchase_order_number  Job Purchase Order Number
vendor.name  Your Company Name
vendor.email  Your Company Email Address
vendor.website  Your Website address
calculation.todays_date_extended  Today's Date Extended Format
calculation.todays_date  Today's Date
calculation.current_user_fullname  Staff Member's name who produced the invoice
job.total_price  Total price
job.subtotal_price  Subtotal price
job.materials_subtotal_price  Total materials
job.labour_subtotal_price  Total labour
job.total_tax_price  Tax total price (GST / VAT / etc)
job.amount_paid  Amount Paid by Customer (available after job completion & Invoicing)
job.balance_due  Total price less any amounts paid
job.payment_date  Date payment for this job was processed
job.payment_actioned_by  Staff Member's name who processed payment
job.payment_method  Payment Method (available after job completion & Invoicing)
job.invoice_due_date  Date invoice is due (Invoice terms from Job Completion Date). If a non-standard Payment Term is applied to the client, then its settings will be used instead.
job.invoice_due_date_from_today  Date invoice is due (Invoice terms from Invoiced Date). If a non-standard Payment Term is applied to the client, then its settings will be used instead.
job.invoice_date The date the job's status was updated to Completed, or the first date a PDF invoice was produced on the job (whichever date came first), in a short format i.e. DD/MM/YYYY.
job.invoice_date_extended The date the job's status was updated to Completed, or the first date a PDF invoice was produced on the job (whichever date came first), in a long format e.g. 1 January 2023.
location.name  Name given to your current location (for example, Head Office)
location.line1  Your Office Address (Line 1)
location.line2  Your Office Location (Line 2)
location.line3  Your Office Location (Line 3)
location.city  Your Office Location (City)
location.post_code  Your Office Location (Postal Code / Zip Code)
location.country  Your Office Location (Country)
location.phone_1  Your Phone Number 
location.state  Your Office Location (State) 
location.mobile  Your Mobile Number 
location.lng  GPS Longitude of your Office 
location.lat  GPS Latitude of your Office 
job.site_name  Name of Site (otherwise customer's name appears if isn't a job site)
job.company_name  Customer's Company Name (Client's name for individuals and Head Office name for sites.) 
job.booked_by_name  Staff Member's name who booked the job
calculation.current_user_fullname  Current User's Full Name
calculation.current_user_first  Current User's First Name
calculation.current_user_last  Current User's Last Name
calculation.current_user_mobile  Current User's Mobile Number
calculation.current_user_email  Current User's Email Address
calculation.current_user_customfield_licence_number  Current User's Licence Number
job.category  Job Category
job.last_checkin_staff_name  Last Checkin Details - Staff Members Full Name
job.last_checkin_start_date  Last Checkin Details - Start date/time
job.last_checkin_end_date  Last Checkin Details - Completion date/time
job.last_checkin_duration  Last Checkin Details - Checkin Duration
job.total_checkin_duration  Total Checkin time for job


Per Item Invoice/Quote Template Fields

jobMaterial.item_number Material/Service Code
jobMaterial.name Material/Service Name
jobMaterial.description Material/Service Description
jobMaterial.quantity Quantity
jobMaterial.tax_rate Item Tax Type
jobMaterial.cost Per Item Cost
jobMaterial.price Per Item Price
jobMaterial.price_ex_tax Per Item Price - Excluding Taxes
jobMaterial.total_price_ex_tax Total Price for this item (Quantity x Per Item Price} - Excluding Taxes
jobMaterial.total_price Total Price for this item (Quantity x Per Item Price} - Including Taxes


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