How to activate additional staff notifications

The staff member who sends an email or Network request isn't always the person who needs to to keep track of replies and updates.

We've introduced an option for some key additional notifications to staff with certain administration and management roles within the account, for the following events:

  • Reply received from customer
  • Online Booking received
  • Network Update received
  • Online Stripe payment received

Similar notifications will be grouped together, and irrelevant notifications omitted.

These notifications will be received by any staff member who can view the Invoicing page of the account e.g. the default Business Owner and Finance roles.

Here's how you can configure it:

In your Online Dashboard, go to Settings > Preferences

Click Notifications

Then tick the notification options you'd like to use

Click Save and you're done!

You can review all notifications from the Dispatch Board and in the app — simply click or tap the bell icon

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