How to earn Bonus Jobs on the Free plan


ServiceM8’s Free plan comes with the unique ability to earn Bonus Job credits.

Here’s how it works — when you’re subscribed to the Free plan, every time you take a card payment via ServiceM8 & Stripe (in the app, or online), you earn a Bonus Job credit!

For example, if you accept card payment for 15 invoices, you’ll get 15 extra Bonus Jobs on top of the 30 job credits already included in the Free plan i.e. 45 jobs that month’s billing cycle, instead of 30. 

You can take card payment via ServiceM8 the following ways:

  • Tap to Pay on iPhone: accept in-person contactless payments, with only your iPhone — from clients with physical debit and credit cards, to Apple Pay and other digital wallets. No extra terminals or hardware needed. Learn more about Tap to Pay on iPhone.
  • Scan & Pay: present a QR code on the ServiceM8 app for the client to scan with their phone, and they’ll be taken directly to a special payment page for that job, to instantly pay on their own device. Learn more about Scan & Pay. 
  • Manual Card Entry: type in a client’s card details to process a payment.
  • Online Invoice Payment: every time you email or text a ServiceM8 invoice to a client, which includes a link to view the invoice online, the client will have the option to enter their card details and pay online.

Accepting card payments from clients is made possible by connecting ServiceM8 to Stripe, a world-leading payment service provider which ServiceM8 supports to securely process card payments between you, the client, and your relevant card issuers and banks. 

Stripe processes the transaction, holds the funds for a short period, then deposits the payment to your nominated bank account, minus any transaction fees. 

You will need a Stripe account to let clients pay their invoices by card, and earn Bonus Jobs. If you do not already have a Stripe account, you can easily create one as part of the Tap to Pay on iPhone activation process, or in your Online Dashboard, go to Settings > ServiceM8 Add-ons > Stripe Payments. Learn more about Stripe and how to get started.

Earning Bonus Jobs via card payments is a great reason to invoice fast, while providing your clients a great payment experience, in person or online.

Bonus Jobs are earned in real time as you accept card payments via ServiceM8 & Stripe, and added to your available job credits in your current billing cycle. Just like regular job credits, they reset at the start of each monthly billing cycle i.e. unused Bonus Jobs don’t carry over. 

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