How to accept mobile payments in person using Scan & Pay

When you're at a job, selecting Scan & Pay as the payment method lets your clients pay immediately in person on their mobile device, using Apple Pay, Android Pay, Google Pay, or their credit card.

With Scan & Pay, your ServiceM8 app generates a QR code, which your client scans with their mobile device. A screen will then appear on their device prompting them to make a payment. They can also leave feedback and email themselves a copy of the paid invoice - right from their phone or tablet!

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Note that you must have the ServiceM8 Stripe add-on activated for the Scan & Pay feature to work. To learn more about Stripe, go to this article.

To generate a QR code for a mobile payment:

  1. From your ServiceM8 app, tab Jobs.
  2. Tap the job you want.
tapping Jobs and selecting a job from the app
  1. Tap Billing.
selecting Billing on the app
  1. Tap Amount Paid.
tapping amount paid on the app
  1. Tap Scan & Pay.
tapping scan & pay on the app
  1. A QR code will appear. You can now hold your device up for your client to scan the code with the camera on their mobile device.
QR code generated through Scan & Pay

Once your client has paid, the screen with the QR code on your device will close and the payment will automatically be marked as received in ServiceM8.

If you close your screen before your client has paid, you will receive push notifications letting you know the customer is viewing the payment page and again when the payment has been received.


push notifications from Scan & Pay

What your client sees when using Scan & Pay

When your client scans the QR code with their camera, their mobile device will give them a prompt to open in their browser. The client should tap this prompt.

customer prompt from the QR code

The client will see a payment amount and a payment mechanism (Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Android Pay, depending on their mobile device). They can either tap the Pay button or they can enter their credit card details manually. Their mobile payment will process based on their preferences.

customer payment screen

Once their payment has been processed, the client will see a Paid message. They will then have the opportunity to leave feedback and view the invoice. If they would like an emailed copy of the paid invoice, they can tap View Invoice > E-mail.

customer paid screen
customer feedback screen
customer emails self copy of paid invoice
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