How to add Next Job or Jobs List widgets to the Home screen

As of iOS 14, it's possible to add widgets to your iOS device's Home screen presenting ServiceM8 job information. There are two types of ServiceM8 widgets available:

Next Job widget

The 'Next Job' widget shows your next scheduled job and when you need to leave. Tap the widget to jump straight into the job card in ServiceM8.


Jobs List widget

The 'Jobs List' widget can show any of your job lists, like ‘Unscheduled Jobs’, on your device’s Home screen, making them visible and front-of-mind to help keep on top of your jobs.


There are three Jobs List widget sizes to choose from, and it's possible to create more than one widget of any size to display different job lists. Tap to open a list directly in ServiceM8, or tap to jump straight to individual job cards.

How to add a ServiceM8 widget

To add a ServiceM8 widget to your iOS Home screen: 

  1. Touch and hold down on an empty area of your Home screen until the app icons jiggle.
  2. Tap the (+) icon in the top-left corner, then scroll down and tap 'ServiceM8'.
  3. Select the widget type and size you'd like to add, then tap 'Add Widget'
  4. Touch & hold the widget as it jiggles to rearrange its placement amongst your app icons, then tap 'Done'.


Editing Jobs List widgets

Once you've added a Jobs List widget to your Home screen, you can set which jobs list in ServiceM8 you want it to display information from. There are a range of default jobs lists (e.g. Unscheduled Jobs), and you can create your own custom jobs list by clicking the Filter icon at the top of the jobs list in the Dispatch Board online. 

To customise the jobs list presented in a widget:

  1. Touch and hold down on a Jobs List widget you've added, then tap 'Edit Widget'.
  2. Select which Job List you'd like the widget to present, then tap away to return to the Home screen.
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