How to share job photos on Instagram and Facebook

Posting successful job photos to social media not only impresses potential clients, but also strengthens relationships with existing clients. Using the ServiceM8 App, you can share photos directly from a Job Diary to Instagram or Facebook.

(This feature is only available in the ServiceM8 App.)

To share a job photo from the ServiceM8 App:

  1. From the Jobs view in the ServiceM8 App, tap the relevant job.
  1. Tap Diary.
  1. Tap the photo you want to share.
  1. Tap the Action (Share) icon (bottom right).
tap action/share icon
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  1. Tap Share to Social Media.
tap share to social media
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  1. Tap photos to select them, then tap Share.
    • If a customer has left feedback on the job, tap it to create a shareable feedback image.
share customer feedback and images
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  1. Tap Share to Facebook or Share to Instagram, depending on the platform you want to use.
select social media platform
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  1. The photo will open in your selected platform, ready for you to create a post.
sample instagram post
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Tips for success

  • Before and after photos tell an excellent story, but be sure they are clearly marked as "before" and "after".
  • Always ask your client for permission to post a job photo.
  • If your client agrees to the posting, tag them in the job photo so it appears in their social media feeds as well (for example, "Thanks to @client_name for giving us the opportunity to work on another successful sink installation!").
  • Proofread and make sure there are no typos! Potential clients judge attention to detail, even in social media.
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