How Global Search works

Global Search allows you to search your entire account from any ServiceM8 page. Click the Search icon at the top right to open the Search window. You can also press ⌘-Shift-F (on Mac) or Ctrl-Shift-F (on Windows) to bring up the Search window.

The Search window is displayed, and suggested results are provided before you search. If you’re looking for something that you have recently worked on, it may be shown in the suggested results without even having to search for it:

Type any search term, then press Enter or click the button to search:

Only the first few results of each type are displayed initially — you can click the View More link to view all results of the selected type:


Click on any Search result to open it. Depending on the type of result that was clicked, this may navigate you away from your current page in order to display the result. 

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