How to delete notes, photos, and other attachments from the Job Diary

The Job Diary is your permanent record of all activity on a job. To avoid unintentional deletions, content cannot be removed from the Job Diary using the ServiceM8 App. However, if you need to remove notes, attachments, photos or videos from a Job Diary, you can do so using the Online Dashboard.

To open the Job Diary from the Online Dashboard:

  1. Go to Dispatch Board.
click dispatch board
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  1. Find and double-click the relevant job.
click a job
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The Job Diary is the right pane of the Job Details tab. You can remove notes, file attachments, photos, and videos from the Job Diary.

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To remove a note or file attachment:

  1. Hover your mouse over the note or file you want to delete. Click the down arrow that appears.
  2. Click Remove.
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  1. Click Yes to confirm removal.
confirm removal
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To remove a photo or video:

  1. Click the photo or video you want to delete.
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  1. Click Actions.
  2. Click Delete.
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  1. Click Yes to confirm deletion.
confirm deletion
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