Not all my staff have iDevices how can I use ServiceM8?


We have found 4G iPad Mini's to be a fantastic solution to this problem, their size is great even pocketable, it's faster to type on than a phone, they make it possible for your staff to take details down while on the phone to a client and they have excellent battery life. This also allows your staff to continue to use the phone that they are comfortable with.

To eliminate the upfront costs most major networks offer iPad Mini's on a plan including data, in Australia Telstra have plans for the 16G 4G iPad Mini for only $41 a month including 1G of data (1G is more than enough, even for heavy users.)



Plans with Telstra on 01/04/14

iPad mini on Telstra Mobile Broadband Business Member plans

Business Member plans Small Business Performance plan Medium Business Performance plan Large Business Performance plan Extra Large Business Performance plan
 1GB data  4GB data  8GB data  15GB data
Monthly plan cost $25 $35 $50 $95
Monthly device repayment (16GB) after MRO bonus $11 $11 $11 $0
Monthly data allowance for use in Australia 1GB
Excess data charge 10c per MB 10c per MB 10c per MB 10c per MB
Minimum cost over 24 months
Monthly plan cost + monthly device repayment
$864 $1,104 $1,464 $2,280
Buy online Buy now Buy now Buy now Buy now

All included usage is within Australia. Excludes use overseas. Excess and additional usage charges apply.

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