I can't see any invoice/quote template designs in the Document Templates screen or on the Dispatch Board

When you are browsing the Document Templates screen you should see a sample of each template in the center of your screen.

What the document templates screen should look like

This is what you should see on your document templates page. If you cannot see the template preview then your Google Services cookie has expired in your browser.

How to make the template preview appear if it is not

The ServiceM8 document preview uses Google Services. If you have not logged into your Google based accounts recently (Google Docs, GMail, etc), then it's possible for the Google cookie in your browser to expire - this prevents the ServiceM8 template's from displaying correctly in Document Templates and on the Dispatch Board.

To this fix, simply login to any Google service and logout again, and then reload ServiceM8.

This can resolve the problem even if you don't actually use any Google Services - because most computers will come pre-loaded with a personalised Google homepage in the browser. You can use any google account to fix the issue - even if it's completely unrelated to your ServiceM8 account. If you do not have any Google Services accounts, you can also create a GMail account and sign into it to fix the problem.

If you continue to have issues please get in touch with our helpdesk for assistance.

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