Can I change SMS messages to come from my business name rather than "ServiceM8"?

Yes you can, we offer a premium SMS service in which messages sent to customers from ServiceM8 will come from your business name instead of ServiceM8.

Please note there are additional costs involved in using the premium sms service including an account setup fee and a varied per SMS message rate. Please submit a support ticket to find out Premium SMS pricing in your country.

Is Premium SMS Available In My Country?

Due to carrier restrictions, Premium SMS is not available in all countries.

Australia, UK: Available

USA, Canada, New Zealand: Not Available

All other countries: Please send an enquiry to

Selecting your SMS Origin text or "from" text 

When selecting your SMS "from" text, it may contain a-z,A-Z and 0-9 (no symbols or spaces are supported), and can be up to a maximum of 11 characters long. 

What's involved in the setup process of Premium SMS?

As part of the setup process you will be required to submit the following documents, which we will forward to our SMS providers: 

1. A letter confirming "ServiceM8" is authorised to send SMS messages on your behalf, on company letterhead.

2. Proof of ownership of the trademark or text you wish to use as your SMS text. Depending on your country, a copy of a business registration certificate is usually sufficient. A member of the helpdesk will guide you through any additional paperwork required during the setup process. 

Note: No fees or charges are applicable until after your application has been approved by our providers.

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