How do I delete/remove jobs in ServiceM8?

In ServiceM8, you never remove or delete jobs.


  • The client might change their mind weeks later, and if you had removed it you'll waste time re-entering the same information
  • It's important to know how many job's you're losing as well as how many your'e winning
  • Save time by not having to 'tidy' up your computer system (that's our job)

Instead of deleting jobs, all you need to do is set the job status to Unsuccessful through the Dispatch Board. This will flag the job as no longer going ahead - the job will remain on your dispatch board for a further 48 hours to ensure any last-minute change of mind, and then will automatically disappear. 

A client who was no longer going ahead has just phoned and wants to accept a quote, what do I do?

If you need to bring back unsuccessful job days, weeks or months later, all you need to do is use the job search and search by a specific detail - the clients name, phone number, address or job #. Open the job and change it back into a work order and continue on.

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