How to modify invoice or quote templates

If you are currently using a ServiceM8 invoice or quote template, you can adjust fields, which are dynamic references to information contained within ServiceM8, and formatting as needed. In this article, we will walk you through adding Amount Paid and Amount Due fields to an existing invoice template by taking the following steps:

  1. Downloading the template for modification
  2. Adding new fields
  3. Adjusting formatting
  4. Uploading the modified template back to ServiceM8

TIP: We recommend that only users who are comfortable using advanced Microsoft Word functionality attempt to modify templates. If you need assistance, one of our ServiceM8 Partners would be happy to discuss your needs.

To download a template for modification:

  1. From the Online Dashboard, go to Settings > Document Templates and find the template you'd like to modify. (For more information about choosing a template, go to Selecting new invoice or quote templates.)
  1. From the Help pane on the right, click click here to download the template.
downloading a template for modification
  1. Open the template in Word (if asked, click Enable Editing).
  1. Go to Table Tools > Layout and click View Gridlines. This lets you see how all template content is structured within hidden tables in Word.
viewing gridlines

In our example, we want to display Amount Paid and Balance Due lines below the Total Charge line. To do so, we'll need to add two new fields in two new rows.

To add fields to a template:

  1. Highlight the row above where you will be adding new fields.
  2. Right-click and click Insert > Insert Below.
adding rows to a table
  1. Repeat once so that you have two new rows below Total Charge.
  2. Type in your new field descriptions (Amount Paid and Amount Due) below Total Charge.
new field descriptions

TIP: At this point, it helps to reference the list of Available fields for invoice and quote templates, which lists all available fields for invoices and quotes and describes what information they reference. Look for the fields described as "Amount Paid by Customer" and "Total price less any amounts paid" and note the associated field names.

  1. Insert your cursor in the cell to the right of Amount Paid and go to Insert > Quick Parts > Field. (For MacOS users, go to Insert > Field per the second picture below.) The Field window will open.
inserting a field

(Following screenshot applies to MacOS users only)

inserting a field MAC
  1. Under Categories, select Mail Merge, then select MergeField as the field name.
  2. Under Field properties, enter job.amount_paid as the field name (or copy and paste it from the list of available fields). (For MacOS users, enter the field name in the MergeField text box per the second picture below.)
  3. Click OK.
inserting Amount Paid field

(Following screenshot applies to MacOS users only)

inserting Amount Paid field MAC
  1. Place your cursor in the cell to the right of Balance Due and, using the same process, insert another field. This time, use job.balance_due as the field name in the field properties.

Adjusting formatting

You should now have two new fields in two new rows in your invoice template. However, adding rows and fields can sometimes impact the appearance of a template. To ensure a professional, consistent presentation, always check formatting and alignment before uploading back to ServiceM8.

In the example below, the two new fields are formatted in a different font than the others. To correct the issue, simply highlight the fields and change the font as needed to match the rest of the invoice.

fields with font adjustments

Once you're happy with your formatting, save your document. The final step is to upload your saved invoice template back to ServiceM8.

Uploading a modified template to ServiceM8

  1. From your ServiceM8 Online Dashboard, go back to Settings > Document Templates.
  2. From the Template pane on the left, select the type of document you are uploading (Invoice or Quote).
selecting invoice or quote templates
  1. From the Help pane on the right, click Upload Custom Invoice Template.
uploading custom invoice template
  1. Click Select and find your saved template.
  2. Click Attach.
uploading a custom invoice

The modified template, containing both Amount Paid and Balance Due amounts, is now the current invoice template.

modified invoice
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