Will I still be able to generate invoices in MYOB that are not registered in ServiceM8?

Yes you can.

ServiceM8 will not know that you have manually raised an invoice in MYOB however, so it's important to plan out your invoice/job numbers at the start if you wish to do this. 

Each job in ServiceM8 has a unique job number, which becomes that job's invoice number in both ServiceM8 and MYOB. This makes chasing payments very easy because you immediately know which job the invoice is in regards to. 

With that in mind, we reccommend that you plan out two sets of invoice numbers within MYOB. 

  • One set of invoice numbers for manually raised invoices, the best option for this # is to keep with your current MYOB invoice #. Eg. #3100
  • One set of invoice number for jobs/invoices raised in MYOB from ServiceM8, eg. #8000

When choosing your invoice numbers it's important to plan for how many manual jobs you think you will need to enter - as you will become quickly confused if the two numbers begin to overlap each other.

You can set your current ServiceM8 job number / invoice number as part of the MYOB integration wizard when you first connect ServiceM8 to MYOB.

If you plan on doing a few manual invoices through MYOB, then we also recommend that you think about using an invoice number suffix for your ServiceM8 invoices - as this will prevent MYOB from jumping between both set's of invoice numbers when you go to manually raise an invoice in MYOB. For more information on invoice suffixes see here 

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