How do I add a 'Paid Stamp' to my invoice template?

Several invoices will automatically stamp a red paid label on top of the invoice once the full amount has been paid. This allows you to issues a paid invoice / receipt from the field / office easily. If the template design you have chosen does not already have a paid stamp built in, or you are designing your own template then you can add this feature.

1. Download the Red Paid Label image from here.

2. Insert this image into your MS Word invoice template

3. Once you have inserted the image, right click on it and under the text wrapping menu, select "In front of text"

4. Right click on it again and under the text wrapping menu, select Text Wrapping, and then select More Layout Options


  • Set Horizontal to Absolute position to the right of Page
  • Set Vertical to Absolute position below Page
5. You are now free to drag the image box around your invoice template without it effecting the document design. The size of the image will represent the final size of the paid stamp in your template.

That's it. Save and load your updated template back into ServiceM8. If you have correctly added the image to your template, you will see a paid stamp in your template preview in the document template screen.
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