Invoice management (Online Dashboard)

This article will give you a quick overview of the invoicing pages in ServiceM8.

Summary tab

Summary Tab

The Summary tab gives an overview of the money in your business.

1. Total job values by Job Status

2. Total outstanding amounts by customer

All tab

All tab

The All Tab shows all jobs completed jobs in your account.

1. Double click a line item to open the corresponding Job Card

2. Click column titles to sort or hide/show column

Awaiting Approval tab

Awaiting Approval tab

The Awaiting Approval tab is where all completed jobs will reside until they are Approved.

The Awaiting Approval stage can be used in multiple ways, depending on how your business works:

  • If your field staff don't add materials they can be added to the job here prior to issuing the invoice.
  • If your field staff add materials but you'd like to check the invoice prior to sending, it can be done here.
  • If you use a non-integrated accounting package, you can mark invoices as Approved once the information has been transferred.
  • When integrated to an accounting package, the act of Approving sends the invoice to the accounting package to be tracked.

Awaiting Payment tab

Awaiting Payment tab

Awaiting Payment is where jobs will stay until the full payment for the job has been received.

Use this page to issue invoices out - invoice multiple clients by ticking them and click Email or Post or Print an invoice.

To receive payment:

  1. Tick the job
  2. Click Receive Payment
  3. Enter the amount and Payment Method, then click Add Payments
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