How to scan documents with the camera

The ServiceM8 app includes a feature to scan paper documents and forms using your iPhone or iPad's camera. ServiceM8 will auto-detect and focus on the document, and once captured, crop the image, ready to save to the job diary in a high-resolution PNG format.

Note: This feature requires iOS 11 or later. 

Simply follow these quick steps:

Tap the Camera icon in the job card

Tap or swipe to 'Document' and hover over the document that you want to capture

Allow the camera to detect the document, then tap the Photo Capture button

TIP: Placing the document against a background which provides contrast and delineates the document edges helps with document detection. 

Once captured, the image will be automatically trimmed to the document's edges

TIP: More than one document can be captured and saved. Progressively capture numerous documents, then tap the preview window in the bottom-right of the screen to review, tag, share or delete documents. 

Tap 'Save' and the document/s will save to the job diary in a high-resolution PNG format

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