How to use Barcode Scanning

When adding materials to invoices, you can now select Barcode Scan. Just hold the camera over the barcode and it will instantly scan. Pair barcodes with existing items in ServiceM8 as you go!

Make sure you've upgraded to iOS 11.

Open a Job

Tap Billing

Tap Add Item/Service

Tap Barcode Scan

Hold the camera over the barcode and it will auto-focus then scan

To add more than one unit of the same item, continue to hold the barcode in place under the camera, and it will continue scanning and increasing the quantity.

If the barcode is paired to a Material, the item will be listed, ready to be saved as a billable item.

Tap Save when you're done.

To pair a new barcode simply tap the item name

Search for the item to match the scanned barcode

Tap Confirm to pair barcode with that existing item

Saved barcodes can be relinked/updated to another item: Simply scan the barcode, tap the line item. Then tap 'Relink barcode item'.

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