Stripe transaction fees & payout speeds

The cost of accepting credit & debit card payments through ServiceM8 & Stripe is on a pay-as-you-go, per-transaction basis.

Transaction fees and payout speeds vary depending on the country in which your Stripe account is registered. The fees below are accurate as of February 2022.

Country Stripe Fee ServiceM8 Fee Total Transaction Fee Payout Speed
Australia* 30 cents + 1.75%
0.20% 30 cents + 1.95% 2 business days
Canada 30 cents + 2.90%
30 cents + 3.10%
3 business days
Ireland 25 cents + 1.40% 0.20%
25 cents + 1.60% 3 business days
New Zealand* 30 cents + 2.70%
30 cents + 2.90%
4 business days
United Kingdom 20 pence + 1.40%
20 pence + 1.60% 3 business days
United States of America 30 cents + 2.90%
30 cents + 3.10%
2 business days
Other See Stripe 0.20%

See Stripe

*Listed fee is for domestic cards only. A higher fee applies to process American Express or international cards. Refer to Stripe's pricing page for details.

Listed fee is for European cards only. A higher fee applies to process non-European cards. Refer to Stripe's GB/IE pricing pages for details.

Note that payments accepted using Tap to Pay on iPhone incur an additional 10c fee in USA & additional 15c in Australia. 

In most cases, when you start processing live payments from your customers with ServiceM8 & Stripe, you won’t receive your first payout until 7–14 days after receiving your first successful payment. Processing subsequent payouts then happens according to your Stripe account’s payout schedule settings, and payout speeds above.

If you'd prefer to pass on the card payment processing fees to your clients some (or all) of the time, please see How to pass on card payment processing fees.

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