How to use Smart Contacts

ServiceM8 11 saw the introduction of several improvements to how you capture & update client contact details.

However, the ability to add 'Property Manager' contacts to jobs, and activate 'save-as-you-go' updating of contact information from job cards to client cards, are only available if you activate the Smart Contacts Add-on in Settings > ServiceM8 Add-ons.

How to add a Property Manager contact

To add a Property Manager as a contact in a job card, hover your cursor over the Contacts box in the bottom-left of the job card, then click 'Property Manager'.

How save-as-you-go contact updates work

Activating the Smart Contacts Add-on will cause certain updates to contacts in a job card to update the Client (i.e. the client card), after the initial job card. For example:

  • If you add a Job Contact when creating a job, entering their name and phone number, then Save — you can re-open the job card later and add their email address, and the email address will be added to the client card.
  • If you add a Job Contact when creating a job, then Save, and later realize you've misspelled the client's name — you can re-open and fix it in the job card, and this change will update the client card.
  • If you only save a single Job Contact when you create a job for a new client, then later learn they have a Billing Contact and/or Property Manager as well, you can add these to the job and it'll update the client card. Note that only the first contact for each contact type (e.g. Job, Property Manager & Billing) will be saved to the client card, automatically.
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