Porting your existing phone number to ServiceM8 Phone

You may be eligible to port your external business phone number from your regular phone provider into ServiceM8. By porting your external number into ServiceM8, you will no longer need to divert calls, and you will eventually be able to cancel your number with your existing service provider.

To be eligible to port a phone number into ServiceM8 Phone, you must:

  • Have used ServiceM8 Phone for a minimum of 3 months and 1000 calls;
  • Have a signed letter of authorisation for your existing service provider (template provided within porting process); and
  • Have your most recent phone bill for the phone number you are porting.

The phone number you want to port must be:

  • A landline (not a mobile or a cellular number); and
  • A regular phone number with a standard area code (no 1300, 1800, etc. numbers).

If you meet all eligibility requirements, then you can port your phone number to ServiceM8 Phone.

You must keep the number being ported in service with your existing provider throughout the whole process. You will be notified via email when the process is complete, at which time you can cancel your old account.

To port your existing phone number to ServiceM8 Phone:

  1. From the main menu, click Settings.
  2. Click ServiceM8 Phone.
ServiceM8 - Settings - Google Chrome
  1. Next to Your Number, click Manage.
ServiceM8 - Call Settings - Google Chrome
  1. Select I’d like to port a new number into my account, and click Next.
ServiceM8 - Manage Phone Numbers - Google Chrome
  1. Review the porting requirements carefully.
    • To download a Letter of Authorisation template, click the view document link under Required Documents.
    • Complete the Letter of Authorisation, download your most recent phone bill from your service provider, and save them both on your computer. You will need them shortly.
ServiceM8 - Phone Number Porting Wizard - Google Chrome
  1. Enter the phone number you would like to port, and click Next.
ServiceM8 - Phone Number Porting Wizard - Google Chrome
  1. Choose the address associated with the phone number or, if it is a new address, choose New address and populate the information accordingly. Click Next.
  1. To upload your Letter of Authorisation and phone bill:
    • Click Choose File and select your letter, then click Open.
    • Do the same with your most recent phone bill.

The names of your uploaded files will appear. Click Next.

ServiceM8 - Phone Number Porting Wizard - Google Chrome
  1. Your porting request has been submitted! You will receive a response from ServiceM8 within 2-6 weeks. Click Finish.

Remember to keep your number in service until you hear the porting request was completed successfully!

ServiceM8 - Phone Number Porting Wizard - Google Chrome
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