How automatic payment for Recurring Jobs works

Your clients can set up automatic payments for their Recurring Jobs to pay their invoices automatically. When paying an invoice online which is for a Recurring Job, the customer will have the option to "Pay future invoices automatically".

If the customer selects this option, ServiceM8 will securely store their card details and automatically process payments for future invoices created by the same Recurring Job on their due date.

When the customer activates automatic payments, a note will be saved in the job diary. This diary note will appear on all future instances of the Recurring Jobs as long as the customer doesn't remove their stored card details.

The next time that job recurs, the client's credit card will be automatically charged on the invoice due date. Note that this will only happen if the job has been marked complete and the invoice has been sent  to the customer. A diary note will be added to the job once payment has been taken.

If the customer no longer wants to pay invoices automatically, or they need to update their card details, they can do this from the pay invoice link. Open the most recent unpaid invoice, click the pay now button, then click the highlighted icon to remove the saved card details.

You can also cancel the automatic payment by opening the most recent job in ServiceM8 online. In the job diary, click the "Payment Activated" note and select "Cancel automatic payments"

If for some reason the payment was unable to be taken, a "Payment Failed" note will be added to the job diary and the billing contact will receive an email notifying them that the payment failed. ServiceM8 will re-attempt payment every 24 hours up to 3 times. The customer will receive the same payment failed email each time the payment fails.

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