Forms - How to link the Contract Variation form to the Contract Variation document template

This lesson will show you how to link a simple contract variation form with a document template.
There are three steps in creating a working form, linked to a document template.
1) Create the document template that will house the text and the answers from the form
2) Create the form with its questions
3) Link the question answers provided by the form to the document template.

To create a document template, go to settings and click Document Templates


Click Add Template


Enter a template Name and Category


Enter contract variation as a template name, select the form category and click save.

Your new template will appear here


Once you have saved your document name in the above step, a blank template will appear on the Document Template workspace.

Create the template and upload it to your template.


Build, or modify an existing document template to suit your particular requirements. The template above is used as the document for the Contract Variation template. It contains merge fields from the job and merge fields from the form. There is a place for your company logo in the top header section. The address, phone, email and fax details could be replaced with you actual company details. Once complete the document is uploaded into the Contract Variation container of the document templates section and overwrites the blank template created initially. If you do not know hw to do this, read the relevant lesson on How do I create a custom invoice/quote/work order template?

Go to settings and click Forms


Open the Form


If you do not already have a sample form, see the lesson on Creating a simple Contract Variation Form.

Select the form template from the drop down list


Leave the form name and the badge name the same as they are. Simply select the contract variation form from the drop down selection and save the form. NOTE: The badge you have named in your form here appears as a badge on the Job side board. If you select it, then it will appear as a job task beneath the check in button. This is a good way to ensure staff are aware that there is a form to be filled in on this job.

Save the form


At the end of this step you have linked your form to the document template. The next step is to place the form answers into your document.

Overview of where the Template Field Codes from the form fit into the document template


Place the cursor on this document where you would like the results of the form template field code to appear and proceed as below.

How to insert a form "Template Field Code" into a document template


Select the Insert tab and then the Quick Parts drop down.

Select the Field Item


Select the MergeField category


Copy and paste into the Field Properties, field name box the Template Field Code (form_variation_detail). Then click OK. Repeat this process for all Template Field Codes. Save the template and reload it into ServiceM8. Test your Template.

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