How to switch from Stripe Payments to ServiceM8 Pay

ServiceM8 has partnered with Stripe to offer ServiceM8 Pay — a payment solution which offers great processing rates, fast payouts to your bank account, and easy reconciliation of payments in Xero & QuickBooks Online. Learn more about ServiceM8 Pay.

You can use an existing Stripe account with ServiceM8 Pay. If you already have a Stripe account, and you're currently taking card payments through ServiceM8 with the Stripe Payments add-on, and you want to switch to ServiceM8 Pay, this article provides guidance on how to switch.

During the setup process, rather than creating an entire new Stripe account, it will simply create a new ServiceM8 Pay ‘profile’ in your existing Stripe account. Upon completion of the setup process, all card payments accepted via ServiceM8 Pay will be processed through this new sub-account of your Stripe account: 


If you don't have a Stripe account, you can create one as part of the ServiceM8 Pay setup process — skip this article and see How to get started with ServiceM8 Pay. 

Before you get started with ServiceM8 Pay, please note:

  • Initial Holding Period: your first ServiceM8 Pay payout will take 7 to 14 days to arrive in your bank account. During this period, you won't receive any new payments. After this, you'll switch to next-business-day payments.
  • Subscription Plan Required: ServiceM8 Pay is only available on our monthly subscription plans. If you're currently paying "per job", you'll need to update your subscription to a monthly plan e.g. Starter, Growing etc. While this is a one-way change to how you pay for ServiceM8, our plans represent great value. You should also consider the benefits of ServiceM8 Pay, as well as the rates on offer, which could represent significant savings for you and/or your clients.
  • T&Cs: please review the ServiceM8 Pay Terms & Conditions.
  • Gradual Rollout: ServiceM8 Pay is being rolled out gradually. Before taking action, please check that the 'ServiceM8 Pay' add-on is available in Settings > ServiceM8 Add-ons.

Follow the steps below to switch from the Stripe Payments add-on, to ServiceM8 Pay. 

1. Update your ServiceM8 iOS app

Update your iPhones & iPads to the latest version of the ServiceM8 app available on the App Store. The minimum required is Version 12.0.6.

2. Turn OFF the 'Stripe Payments' add-on

In your online dashboard, go to Account > Settings > ServiceM8 Add-ons, find 'Stripe Payments' and turn it off.


3. Turn ON the 'ServiceM8 Pay' add-on

In ServiceM8 Add-ons, find 'ServiceM8 Pay' and turn it on.

4. Complete the setup process

Follow the ServiceM8 Pay setup process:


If you already have a Stripe account, be sure to use these details and connect to your existing Stripe account:


You can choose to automatically add processing fees when clients pay by card. You can set it to always add the fee, or set a fee-free threshold:


NOTE: some countries/jurisdictions prohibit the practice of adding surcharges for card payment processing fees in many or all scenarios e.g. the United Kingdom. It's your responsibility to comply with surcharging laws, so please familiarise yourself with your local laws & regulations before setting the automatic addition of a surcharge for card payments. 

When you complete the setup process, you'll have an additional 'ServiceM8 Pay' sub-account in your Stripe account. All card payments accepted via ServiceM8 Pay will be processed through this new sub-account of your Stripe account, identifiable by the ServiceM8 icon in the bottom-right:


5. Review your reconciliation settings

ServiceM8 can help deal with ServiceM8 Pay card processing fees in Xero or QuickBooks Online, with the ServiceM8 Pay Transactions feature. We recommend you consult your accountant/bookkeeper before activating this feature. 

When you process payments via ServiceM8 Pay, processing fees are deducted from the total payment amount before the remaining money is transferred into your bank account. This can make it hard to reconcile your bank statement with invoices, because the amount that the customer paid will not match the amount that is deposited into your bank account.

ServiceM8 can help ease bank reconciliation by using a Clearing Account for ServiceM8 Pay transactions. The Clearing Account is an account set up in your Xero or QuickBooks, which represents the amount that you are owed. When you process a payment using ServiceM8 Pay, the balance of the Clearing Account will increase. When the money is paid into your Bank Account, the balance of the Clearing Account will decrease.

To activate this feature, or update your reconciliation settings, in your online dashboard, go to Account > Settings > Preferences > Invoicing > ServiceM8 Pay Transactions:

Ensure you update the supplier contact for ServiceM8 Pay to 'ServiceM8 Payments Pty Ltd':

For more guidance on the ServiceM8 Pay Transactions feature, see How to reconcile ServiceM8 Pay processing fees in Xero & QuickBooks Online. 

6. Set up Tap to Pay on iPhone (AUS, UK & USA)


If you previously used Tap to Pay on iPhone (available in AUS, UK & USA), or you would like to use it, it will need to be set up again on the business owner's iPhone, followed by any field staff who need to accept card payments on site. For guidance, see Tap to Pay on iPhone. 

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