Quote Win Rate in the Business Dashboard Report

Your Quote Win Rate in the Business Dashboard is expressed as the percentage of Quotes created during the previous reporting period (i.e. 28 to 56 days ago) which were updated to Work Orders or Completed within 28 days of creation. 

For example:

  • If today is 28 February, your Quote Win Rate percentage would be based on Quote jobs created from 3 to 31 January i.e. the 28 days immediately before the current 28-day reporting period. 

  • If 50 Quote jobs were created from 3 to 31 January, and 25 of these were converted to Work Orders or Completed within 28 days of creation, the Quote Win Rate as at 28 February would be 50%.

Immediately below is the percentage change in your Quote Win Rate from the previous to the current reporting period (change in percentage, not percentage points), and an arrow indicator as to whether the current reporting period’s Quote Win Rate is higher or lower than the previous reporting period.

Your Quote Win Rate is an indicator of customers’ willingness to engage your business. It can be influenced by factors such as your time taken to quote, professionalism, price, value offering, and business presentation. 

Below are some tips on various ServiceM8 features & best practices which can help you work to improve your Quote Win Rate:

Quote Fast

Provide Quotes as soon as possible. This is why ServiceM8 enables and promotes a workflow of quoting through the app, on site if possible, giving you a better chance of winning work while clients are keen to get the job done.

Systemise Quoting

Consider systemising how you quote your common job types with the Services Add-on, enabling more team members to quote jobs on-site with the ServiceM8 app, or in the Online Dashboard.

With the Services Add-on, you can teach ServiceM8 a systemised method of how you price and schedule common services which your business offers. This allows staff to provide instant quotes for potential customers, and empowers more of your office and field staff to confidently quote and schedule jobs without referring to senior staff.

Learn more about the Services Add-on.

Optimise your Communication

Every touch point with a potential client is an opportunity to communicate your brand and service. 

  • Review your Email & SMS templates to ensure they present well and represent your brand. Consider adding more templates to suit different job types, which provide relevant information for customers about the general service you’re quoting and why your business is the right choice.

  • Email and SMS each quote to the client, to ensure they see it, and make it easy for them to get in touch with you should they want to accept or have any questions.

  • Review your Quote template/s to ensure the template/s you’re using suit the type of work you’re quoting. Remember that you can have more than one Quote template to choose from when generating Quote PDF’s in the App or Online.

  • Be clear when entering the ‘Work Completed’ which displays on Quotes to convey that you understand what the client wants. Add photos, diagrams or other Diary attachments when sending the Quote if they can add value and clarity.

Automate Quote Follow-Ups

Customers who have received a quote from your business are obviously a great class of prospects for new work — people, businesses or organisations which currently have a problem you can solve, and have contacted you in the interest of solving it. So, don’t take the time to quote a job and issue it, then leave it entirely up to the client to get back to you. Oftentimes, clients just need a reminder to get the job done, or a prompt to make them ask a question which has made them hesitate.

Use the Automation Add-on to set automatic email and/or text follow-ups to be sent to clients for which you’ve recently issued a quote, saving you time and automating this task to help you convert quotes into confirmed work orders.

Learn more about automated quote follow-ups with the Automation Add-on.

Provide Online Quote Acceptance

Make it as easy as possible for customers to accept a quote. Use ServiceM8’s Online Quote Acceptance feature. This involves your email and quote templates including a special {document} merge field which converts to a unique URL, taking customers to a branded online quote acceptance portal where they can view their quote, click/tap a button to accept your quote, or ask questions.

Quotes accepted through an Online Quote portal will prompt a notification in your account and automatically convert the job from a Quote to a Work Order. Questions clients ask through an Online Quote portal will arrive in your ServiceM8 Inbox and the relevant job card.

Learn more about Online Quote Acceptance.

Provide Quote Options

When clients want a few prices based on different scopes, scenarios, or products, you can produce and issue multiple quotes or estimates for them to consider, using Quote Options. Clients can view the various options through the Online Quote portal, then click/tap to accept their preferred quote.

If things change, you can add or remove quote options available for the client to view through their online portal, directly from the relevant Job Diary.

When the client accepts their preferred quote, it will convert the job from a Quote to a Work Order, restore the job’s billable items, price and description of ‘Work Completed’ to the version which was accepted, and add a note to the Job Diary stating which quote option the client accepted.

This feature makes it possible to offer “Good, Better, Best” options for clients to consider, where you add value by adding complementary services, or by using higher quality products, and educate clients around their options and what you can do for them.

Learn more about Quote Options.

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