What is Stripe?

The ServiceM8 app supports taking credit card payments directly into your bank account, via Stripe. With the integration of ServiceM8 and Stripe, it's possible to accept card payments in the field, or online.

Stripe is a credit card processing system which enables you to receive payments from your customers, without the need to set up a Merchant account with your bank. ServiceM8 has integrated with Stripe to enable you to receive payments for your ServiceM8 jobs in two ways:

  • Using the ServiceM8 mobile app
  • Online, by e-mailing or SMS-ing an invoice to your clients

The Stripe payment process is simple:

  1. Payment - you take payment from the customer either through the app or online through SMS invoicing.
  2. Processing - Stripe holds the payment for 2 - 7 days, depending on your country.
  3. Transfer - Stripe transfers payments directly to your nominated bank account, minus the transaction fees

Mobile Payments

Using the ServiceM8 app, you can receive a payment while still on the job site.

Refer to How to take payment with Stripe on the app for further details.

Mobile Payments

Online Payments

Once your ServiceM8 account is integrated with Stripe, you can e-mail or SMS your customers a link to your invoice. This link will let them view and pay the invoice online using Stripe. Where Stripe is activated in an account, all online invoices will present the option to 'Pay Now' by card (via Stripe).

For more information, please refer to this article.

Online Payments

To learn more about Stripe Fees refer to this article.

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