How to get started with ServiceM8 Pay

Accept card payments on site with nothing but your iPhone, or online when you email or text your invoice to clients. Get paid faster, streamline invoicing & save time.

Healthy cash flow is crucial. Once a job is done, you can’t let the process of invoicing and getting paid drag out — it saps your cash flow, and wastes time tracking payments and chasing clients.

Great cash flow is about invoicing fast, being proactive and ready to accept payment, and making it easy for your customers to pay you.

This is why ServiceM8 makes it possible to take card credit and debit card payments, meaning you can invoice and accept payment immediately on job completion, and wherever possible, while you’re still on site. 

ServiceM8 Pay lets you receive payments from your customers without having to set up a merchant account with your bank. You can accept card payments through ServiceM8 in two ways:

  • In the field: with contactless payment using Tap to Pay on iPhone (AUS, UK & USA), Scan & Pay, or by manually entering the client’s card details; or
  • Online: by sending your clients a link to an online invoice and card payment portal. 

How do mobile payments work on site?

Using the ServiceM8 iOS app, you can receive a payment while still on the job site. 

When you Check Out of a job, mark the job as completed, then once you arrive in the Billing view, tap ‘Add Payment’:


Depending on your location, you’ll have two or three options to take a card payment:

Tap to Pay on iPhone

This option, available in Australia, the UK & USA, lets you accept contactless payments with nothing but your iPhone — from physical debit and credit cards, to Apple Pay and other digital wallets — no extra terminals or hardware needed!  See Tap to Pay on iPhone.


Scan & Pay

This option lets your clients pay immediately, in person, on their own mobile device, using Apple Pay, Android Pay, Google Pay, or their credit card.


With Scan & Pay, your ServiceM8 app generates a QR code, which your client scans with their mobile device. A screen will then appear on their device prompting them to make a payment. They can also leave feedback and email themselves a copy of the paid invoice - right from their phone or tablet!

See How to accept mobile payments in person using Scan & Pay.

Manually Enter Card: this option lets you manually enter the client’s physical card details, then process a payment. Simply type in the card’s number, expiry (MM/YY), and 3-digit CVC code. See How to take payment on the app.


How do invoice payments work online?

When ServiceM8 Pay is activated, when you email or SMS your customers their invoice which includes a link to view the invoice online, the online invoice page will include a ‘Pay Now’ button, which gives the client the option to pay your invoice by card:

When ServiceM8 Pay is activated, all invoices your clients view online (i.e. when they click the unique link to view their invoice online) will present the option to 'Pay Now' by card, via ServiceM8 Pay. 

For more information, see How to send invoices for online card payment.

How does the payment process work?

The payment process is simple:

  1. Payment. You accept payment from the client, either through the app or online.
  2. Processing. The payment is securely processed by our payment processor, Stripe (a world-leading payment processor). 
  3. Transfer. The payment is deposited to your nominated bank account the next business day, minus any processing fees (depending on whether you opt to surcharge your clients the processing fees).

You can then approve the invoice and payment details straight through to your accounting software (Xero, QuickBooks Online or MYOB) for reconciliation, finalising the job fast and streamlining your invoicing workflow. 

Rinse and repeat this across every job, every day of every month, and see what it can do for your cash flow & efficiency, as well as providing clients a great payment experience. 

What does it cost?

Fees for accepting card payments work on a pay-as-you-go basis, per transaction, and it is optional to pass on these fees to your clients (subject to your country’s laws on card payment surcharges). Dispute fees apply in the event of chargebacks. 

To learn more about fees & payout timeframes in your country, see ServiceM8 Pay processing fees & payout speed. 

To learn more about how to pass on card payment processing fees to clients, see How to pass on card payment processing fees.

How do I set up ServiceM8 Pay?

In your Online Dashboard (i.e. your web browser or desktop login), go to Settings > ServiceM8 Add-ons, search & find the ‘ServiceM8 Pay’ add-on, activate it, then follow the setup process.

As part of the setup process, you’ll need to connect to Stripe, our payments processor. You can create a new account as part of the process, or connect to an existing account.

Before you get started with ServiceM8 Pay, please note:

  • Initial Holding Period: your first ServiceM8 Pay payout will take 7 to 14 days to arrive in your bank account. During this period, you won't receive any new payments. After this, you'll switch to next-business-day payments.

  • Subscription Plan Required: ServiceM8 Pay is only available on our monthly subscription plans. If you're currently paying "per job", you'll need to update your subscription to a monthly plan e.g. Starter, Growing etc. While this is a one-way change to how you pay for ServiceM8, our plans represent great value. You should also consider the benefits of ServiceM8 Pay, as well as the rates on offer, which could represent significant savings for you and/or your clients.

  • T&Cs: please review the ServiceM8 Pay Terms & Conditions.

How do I switch from the Stripe Payments add-on to ServiceM8 Pay?

If you have an existing Stripe account and you're already taking card payments via ServiceM8 with the Stripe Payments add-on, and you want to switch to ServiceM8 Pay, see How to switch from Stripe Payments to ServiceM8 Pay. 

During the setup process, rather than creating an entire new Stripe account, it will simply create an additional ServiceM8 Pay ‘profile’ in your existing Stripe account. Upon completion of the setup process, all card payments accepted via ServiceM8 will be processed through this new profile of your Stripe account. 

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