How to use the Smart Writing Helper

ServiceM8s Smart Writing Helper is a powerful assistant to save time and increase the speed, quality and professionalism of your customer-facing messaging, every day. 


Your Smart Assistant can help in the following ways:

  • Auto-Write: automatically draft a piece of writing, with no guidance at all, or brief guidance of what you want to say e.g. dot points.
  • Improve Writing: improve the flow, language, spelling & grammar of an existing piece of writing.
  • Shorten: make a piece of writing shorter.
  • Lengthen: make a piece of writing longer.

Work Completed

Whether you're preparing a quote for the clients consideration, or finalising the invoice, your Smart Assistant can make the task of describing the work done (or to be done), faster and easier.

If you've already drafted a description of Work Completed, click the Smart Assistant button, then Improve Writing:


If the Work Completed is blank, click Auto-Write, and the Smart Assistant will review information such as the jobs description, notes, video transcripts, and materials to draft a description of the Work Completed, for your review:


Email & SMS

If you need to draft an email or text to a client, the Smart Assistant can help.

Always give your email a subject line first.

Then, you can draft your message, and click Improve Writing to have your Smart Assistant revise it for clarity, spelling and grammar:


Or, you can simply give your Smart Assistant some guidance on what you want to say, much like you'd instruct a team member, then click Auto-Write:


Email & SMS Reply Suggestions

If a customer replies to an email or SMS, ServiceM8 will analyse the customers message, and suggest options for drafting a reply.

Simply click the Smart Assistant button, select a suggestion, and your Smart Assistant will draft a message for your review:

Reply suggestions are available in the online dashboard.

Email & SMS Templates

Your Smart Assistant can help draft or revise your standard messaging templates.

Message templates are a great way to systemise your client communication, and save the time of writing the same types of emails or texts every day.

Using your Smart Assistant is a great option to quickly generate a set of professional templates that you might have always meant to do, but never got around to.

First, go to Settings > Email Templates (or SMS Templates) and add or open a template.

To create a new template from scratch, click Generate:


Provide some dot-point guidance on the purpose of the message and any specific job or client details it needs to reference:


If you want to try improving a draft, or an existing template, click Improve Writing:


Automation Templates

Similar to Email & SMS Templates, the setup process when activating an automated reminder or follow-up message with the Automation Add-on includes the option to use your Smart Assistant to Generate or Improve Writing for your automated messages:



Proposals are like next-level quotes, letting you provide an elevated quote experience, with richer formatting, imagery, and multiple choice options, to give clients more detail, choice and control in the buying process.

The proposal builder includes the option to add Text sections, and your Smart Assistant is available here to help draft your text:


TIP: when using Auto-Write in Proposals, give the Text section a title first, and provide some dot-point guidance on what you want to say, so your Smart Assistant has some idea of what the purpose of the text section is before drafting.

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