How to use ServiceM8 Chat

ServiceM8 Chat is your voice-activated assistant, capable of actioning tasks, analysing huge amounts of job information, and giving you answers in seconds. 

You can ask ServiceM8 to tell you about the job you're checked in to, what materials are required, or to provide a summary of communication with the client. You can also dictate a job note, mention another staff member, initiate calls to job contacts, and more.

To try out ServiceM8 Chat, check into a job then say "Hey Siri, Start ServiceM8 Chat".


The following settings and app permissions are needed to use ServiceM8 Chat:

  • Siri (Settings > Siri & Search > Ask Siri)
  • Speech recognition (Settings > ServiceM8 > Speech Recognition)
  • Microphone (Settings > ServiceM8 > Microphone)
  • Use with Ask Siri (Settings > ServiceM8 > Siri & Search > Use with Ask Siri)

How to start a chat

You need to be checked into a job to start a chat. This is because ServiceM8 Chat is job-specific — ServiceM8 can only provide information and action tasks for the job you're checked in to.

To try out ServiceM8 Chat, check into a job then say Hey Siri, Start ServiceM8 Chat. This will open the job you're checked in to in the ServiceM8 app, and start a chat:


You can also use the new job action for ServiceM8 Chat (TIP: you may need to tap the three dots to open the full Job Actions menu, and 'Edit Actions' to add it):


Ask ServiceM8 something about the job, for example:

  • Tell me about this job
  • What materials do I need
  • What badges are on this job
  • Summarize all correspondence with the customer
  • Has the customer asked for anything I should know about
  • Call the job contact
  • Add a note to the job, saying.
  • Add a note to the job, mentioning John, saying
  • Send the job contact an Email with our Job Done template
  • Check out of the job

You can ask ServiceM8 questions about the following types of information in a job:

  • Job Description
  • Notes
  • Email & SMS correspondence
  • Badges
  • Work Completed
  • Materials/Services added to the job

You can ask ServiceM8 to action the following types of job actions:

  • Add a job note
  • Add a job note which includes a tag/mention of another staff member
  • Email a saved email template to the Job Contact, Billing Contact or Property Manager
  • Check out of the job

When you're done, tap the X button or tell ServiceM8 to end the chat e.g. when ServiceM8 asks Is there anything else just reply with something like No thanks, end chat.

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