How to use Room Scan

Room Scan offers a whole new way to capture & store the measurements of a room, then interact and understand the space you're working with. With Room Scan, you can scan & save an interactive 3D model of a room, straight to the job diary, then get instant measurements to help scope the job, or add markups to communicate details such as points of interest or installation locations.

Room Scan requires iOS 16 or later, and an iPhone or iPad with LiDAR technology e.g. recent iPhone Pro & iPad Pro models (see here for more details).

How to start a Room Scan

1. Open a job card in the ServiceM8 app, tap the ellipsis (three dots) in the job action bar, then Room Scan:


2. If Room Scan is not in your list of job actions, tap Edit Actions to add it.

3. Slowly move the camera around the room to scan it:


TIP: its good to stand in the centre of the room and work your way around in one clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. Ensure you capture all the top and bottom corners of the room when completing the scan. 

4. You will see the 3D model of the room building as you go. Once you're happy with your scan, tap Done to review, then Done once more to save it to the Diary.

How to review a Room Scan

Tap the Room Scan in the jobs Diary to open.

Use your fingers to change your view:

  • Hold and drag with one finger to spin and tilt your Room Scan model.
  • Hold and drag with two fingers to move your Room Scan up, down, left & right.
  • Pinch and expand with two fingers to zoom in and out.


Tap walls or objects to get approximate dimensions:


Tap 2D to see a floor plan of your Room Scan.


How to measure and mark up a Room Scan

In the 3D view of your Room Scan model, tap the markup icon to reveal the measure and markup tools:


Lines, rectangles & crosses can be added to vertical & horizontal planes i.e. floors, walls & objects. Tap a markup symbol once to select it, then make your markup.

To draw a line, or measure a distance point-to-point, select the line tool, then tap, hold & drag from the start point to the end point:


Use the green grab points to adjust your endpoints.

Tap away to deselect, and tap anywhere on the shape to reselect.

To give the line/measurement a label, tap the line, then Edit, and update its Name:


To add a square/rectangular shape, tap the square icon then tap, hold & drag from one corner, to the opposite corner:


To mark a specific location or point, tap the X icon, then the point where you want to add the cross:


Once you're happy with your markups, tap Save, and it will save a separate version of your Room Scan to the Diary with these markups.

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