How to use Auto-Quote and Auto-Invoice

Quoting jobs is vital for keeping new work coming in, and invoicing is vital for getting paid and maintaining healthy cash flow. But these tasks can be time consuming and often get put off. 

ServiceM8 can help draft your quotes and invoices, to make these tasks faster and easier to get through on a daily basis.

To automatically draft a quote or invoice:

Open a job card in the Online Dashboard, go to the Quotes & Invoicing tab, and click the Smart Assistant button in the bottom-right corner of the items table:


ServiceM8 will analyse information available in the job card, as well as similar jobs, and draft a description of Work Completed and list of items/services for your review:


Click Apply, and make any further changes before sending via email and/or SMS.

NOTE: Auto-Quote & Invoice cannot add Bundles (created with the Bundles Add-on).

TIP: think of Auto-Quote & Auto-Invoice like an office assistant, who can only see what you add to the job card. For the best results:

  • Save good job Descriptions
  • Use checklists
  • Add job notes
  • Track your time on site
  • Record videos with a voiceover describing the work to do/work completed (which will be automatically transcribed and saved to the jobs Diary as text)
  • Email and text clients through their job card, to keep this correspondence with the rest of the jobs history
  • Send your supplier invoices into ServiceM8 (see the Supplier Invoice Import Add-on)
  • Standardise your list of Materials & Services i.e. avoid the practice of creating new custom items per job.
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