How the 'Business Hours' allocation shortcut works

Allocating jobs to staff to complete during 'Business Hours' is one of the most common uses of the Job Allocations Add-on, which is why there's a dedicated shortcut for this workflow in the Online Dashboard — with a single click, you can drag a job from the jobs list (or job bubble), and drop it onto a staff member as a 'Business Hours' allocation. Here's how:

Create a 'Business Hours' allocation window

In Settings > Allocation Windows, ensure you have an allocation window which includes the exact words 'Business Hours', and review the window's Start & End Times.

Show allocated jobs in Staff Schedules

In Settings > Preferences > Job Allocations, set 'Show allocated jobs in Staff Schedules' to Yes. This way, these allocated jobs will display alongside fixed-time bookings in the Staff Schedules view of the Dispatch Board.

Drag-and-drop jobs onto the shortcut box

To allocate jobs to staff in your 'Business Hours' allocation window, simply click and drag a job, hover over the relevant staff row in the Staff Schedules tab, and drop it onto the 'Business Hours' shortcut box.


  • These allocated jobs will show on the Staff Schedule, just like fixed-time bookings, giving you the full picture of a tech’s schedule & capacity.
  • Allocated jobs automatically stack and shuffle around fixed-time bookings on the Staff Schedule, to keep themselves visible.
  • You can drag allocated jobs left and right on the Staff Schedule, to prioritize a staff member’s schedule, which will update the display order in the app.
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