How to add invoices to Live Statements

Live Statements are a simple, automated way to send your high-volume clients all their outstanding invoices. Just how it sounds, a Live Statement is a live URL for clients to see all their outstanding and recently paid invoices, which updates as invoices are paid.

Live Statements is an optional automation, using the Automation Add-on. Clients you select to receive Live Statements are automatically sent their statement URL via email, according to your preferences in Settings > Automation > Live Statements.

From September 2022, there are two options for making an invoice visible on a client's Live Statement:

  1. Update the job's status to Completed + send the invoice via email (incl. the online invoice link); or
  2. Update the job's status to Completed + Approve the invoice (an invoice can be approved in the Invoicing tab online, or in More > Invoicing in the ServiceM8 app).

If you undertake several jobs a week/month for some high-volume clients, they may not wish to receive individual email invoices upon completion of every job (i.e. what would occur if you use Option 1 above). In this case, consider an invoicing workflow based on Option 2 for these clients, where you finalise the billable items on the job, update its job status to Completed, then Approve it — this way, the client will only be sent their Live Statement link (automatically via the Automation), and they can review all your invoices and the total outstanding balance via their Live Statement.

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