Customer Feedback Automation

You can use the Customer Feedback Automation to automatically request feedback from your clients after they have paid their invoice. To get started:

  1. Enable the Automation by clicking the toggle switch. 
  2. Click edit if you would like to change the default settings. (If you don't see the Customer Feedback automation in the list, click "New Automation" at the top right and select Customer Feedback from the list.)

When editing settings, you can choose how to send Customer Feedback requests.

Choose how long to wait before following up after payment

Configure your message templates (TIP: use the merge fields to automatically insert client & job information, for a more personalised touch). 


  • Once you have set up the Customer Feedback automation, ServiceM8 will automatically send Customer Feedback requests via email and/or SMS. 
  • Requests will only be sent after the customer has paid their invoice and the customer has not already provided feedback for that job.
  • The customer feedback email will be sent by the staff member who invoiced the job (produced an invoice).
  • For regular or contract clients for whom you do several jobs per month, the Customer Feedback automation will pause and wait 30 days after a client has provided feedback, before sending post-job feedback requests again — note this will only work for 'ServiceM8' feedback, not feedback/reviews left on external sites such as Google or Facebook.
  • If you have activated the Customer Feedback Add-on and set your Google Reviews link, the {feedback} link in your customer feedback emails/texts will direct clients straight to your Google review page i.e. it will not prompt them to provide 'ServiceM8' feedback first.

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