How to use the Automated Supplier Import Add-on

Use the Automated Supplier Import Add-on to automatically import price lists from your Suppliers.

To get started, you'll need a CSV price file from the Supplier for the first import. ServiceM8 will then create a special email address which you can give to your Supplier. From then, every time they send an updated CSV price file to this address, it will automatically be imported into your ServiceM8 account.

To use the Add-on, first you'll need to activate it:

  1. Login to ServiceM8 online
  2. Go to Settings > ServiceM8 Add-ons
  3. Find "Automated Supplier Import" in the list and click on it
  4. Click the switch to turn on the Automated Supplier Import Add-on

Once the Add-on has been activated, click the Settings button. Then, click the Add Supplier button to start adding your first Supplier.

Enter the name of your Supplier, and optionally enter the percentage by which you would like to markup their sell prices. For example, enter 0 if you would like to use the supplier's default selling price, or 100 if you would like to double the supplier's default price.

Upload the CSV from the supplier, then click Next.

In most cases, ServiceM8 can automatically detect the correct mapping to import each column of the CSV into the correct ServiceM8 Material field. If the automatic settings aren't correct, you can select "Adjust settings before import" to correct them. 

Once you are happy with the import settings, click Next.

ServiceM8 will import the uploaded price file CSV into your account, and generate a unique email address which you can give to your supplier. Each time a CSV file is received at this email address, ServiceM8 will automatically import it into your account using the settings you specified (including any price markup chosen).

How does the automatic import work?

Each time an updated price file is received at the unique email, ServiceM8 will check each Item Number in the updated file.

  • If the Item Number is not found in ServiceM8, a new item will be created
  • If the Item Number already exists, the existing item will be updated
  • Items from the same Supplier that were present in a previous price file, but are not present in the updated price file will be removed from your ServiceM8 account. Previous jobs which have used those item's won't be affected.

Each time an updated price list is imported, a message will be posted in your ServiceM8 Activity Feed.

Editing or Removing a supplier

Go to Settings > ServiceM8 Addons and click the Automated Supplier Import Add-on, then click the Settings button to view your list of Suppliers. 

Click the Edit button to change the Price Increase or update the CSV column mappings for a Supplier.

Click the Remove button to:

  • Deactivate the Supplier's unique import email address; and
  • Remove all items imported for that supplier.
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