How to create Custom Reports

Custom reports enable you to generate on-screen custom reports for Jobs and Job Revenue, filtered by:

  • Job Status
  • Job Category
  • Job Badge
  • Staff Member

Custom Reports is a feature of the Advanced Reporting Pack add-on. For instructions on how to activate this add-on see What is the Advanced Reported Pack Add-on?

To run a custom report, select Reports from the dashboard or top menu

If you have activated the Advanced Reporting Pack add-on, the Custom Report category will be visible on the left side menu.

Click Report

Select your report type, filters, and groupings

1. From the drop down list you can choose whether to report on Jobs or Job Revenue.

2. You can filter for Job Status, Job Category, Job Badge, or Staff Member. You can use more than one filter.

3. You can group jobs / job revenue by Job Status, Job Category, or Staff Member.

The report time frame can be set to Last month, This month, This year, Year on year, Last 3 months, or Last 12 months.

To save the report for repeat use, click Save Report.

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