How Supplier Invoice Importing works

Charging for all materials is critical to ensuring that you make a profit on every job. ServiceM8’s Supplier Invoice Import feature helps to ensure that you don’t forget to charge for items that have been purchased from your suppliers, by automatically importing supplier invoices into your ServiceM8 Jobs. 


How it works

  • ServiceM8 generates an email address for your account for the purpose of receiving supplier invoice emails. 
  • Your staff provide the ServiceM8 Job Number as your business's Purchase Order or reference number when they’re purchasing materials.  
  • Any invoices sent to your supplier invoice email address are automatically added to the correct job by matching the invoice PO number to the ServiceM8 Job number. 

You can either forward invoices to this address, or you can share it with your suppliers and they can email invoices into ServiceM8 directly. ServiceM8 also forwards all the received emails to your “accounts” email address configured in Preferences, so your Accounts team will also have a copy of all emails even if the supplier sends the invoice directly to the ServiceM8 email address:

To use this feature, first enable the Supplier Invoice Import add-on:


Next, click the Settings button to view your unique Supplier Invoice Import email address:


When you email invoice PDF documents to this address, ServiceM8 will automatically extract key details from the invoice: 

  • Supplier;
  • Invoice Number;
  • Amount Due; and
  • Individual line items (where possible).

If the PO number on the invoice matches a ServiceM8 job number, the invoice will be automatically attached to that Job. 

If the supplier invoice can't be matched to a job automatically, the invoice will be available in your ServiceM8 Inbox, ready to be manually attached to an existing job. 

In the Job Diary, the imported invoice will be displayed along with its detected details, and you can click anywhere within the Diary line item to open the original PDF:


To charge for the purchased materials, click the dropdown on the diary item. If no line items could be determined, you will only have the option to 'Apply Total to Job'. If line items could be extracted, you will also have the option to 'Apply Line Items to Job', and 'Apply Bundle to Job':


Apply Total to Job: the amount due is added as a single line item in the Quotes & Invoicing tab:


Apply Line Items to Job: each line item in the supplier invoice is added as a separate item in the Quotes & Invoicing tab (TIP: this is a good option if you need to remove some items):


Apply Bundle to Job: the supplier invoice items are added to the Quotes & Invoicing tab as a Bundle, where it displays as a single line to clients, while keeping the underlying items on the job (TIP: this is good for keeping invoices easy to understand):


Note that Supplier Invoice Import also works for PDF invoices which are manually attached to the job diary. 

Simply drag and drop the invoice PDF onto the Job card, and ServiceM8 will scan the PDF to determine if it looks like an invoice. If it does, ServiceM8 will extract the details from the invoice and they will be displayed in the job diary in the same way as emailed invoices. 

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