Self-serve customer scheduling & deposits with Services

If you have Services set up through the Services add-on, it's possible for staff to use these Services to generate a quote for a client, issue it to them for consideration, and allow the client to accept the quote, schedule a time for the job, and pay a deposit themselves. This is great for saving on administration & communication with clients around confirming jobs and arranging mutually acceptable times. 

Here's a demo of how it works:

Self-Serve Scheduling

If you want the ability for staff to:

  • generate a quote; then
  • issue it to a client for consideration (via email or text); and
  • for the client to be able to accept the quote online and immediately schedule the job for a time that suits both them and your business;

then you will need to set up the service Booking Type as 'Schedule on-site service' (in the Service Editor, go to the 'Scheduling' view and see the 'Booking Type' drop-down), and ensure you've set appropriate parameters around which staff can perform the service, and how its duration is calculated. 

See this article for more guidance on creating services with the Services Add-on.

Accepting Deposits or Pre-Payment

To accept a deposit or full pre-payment of the job as part of the online quote acceptance and booking process, you will need to make pricing visible for the Service, configure its Online Payment settings, and ensure your ServiceM8 account is connected to a Stripe account.

See this article for help on how to accept online payments with Services.

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