How the Automation Add-on Works

ServiceM8's Automation add-on is the simplest, easiest to use business automation you've ever seen.

Enable the Automation Add-on in Settings > ServiceM8 Add-ons

Enable the Automation Add-on in Settings > ServiceM8 Add-ons

Click the Settings button to view a list of Automations

When you first turn on the Automation Add-on, there are three Automations created for you. These are all switched off by default.

  • Booking Reminder: send reminders to clients to notify them of upcoming scheduled bookings
  • Payment Follow Up: send reminders to clients if their invoice remains unpaid
  • Quote Follow Up: send reminders to clients to prompt them to accept their quotes or contact you

To enable any of these pre-created Automations, simply click the switch to turn them on. We've set them up with default message templates and timeframes, but you can customise these by clicking the Edit button if needed.

There is another type of Automation available which you can create by clicking the New Automation button.

  • Badge Follow Up: create badges which, when applied to a job, can send reminders to clients a number of days/weeks after completing a job.

Click the Scheduled/Processed status text to view upcoming and past messages for any Automation

You can see a history of messages or actions that have been and will be processed by each Automation.

  • Upcoming actions/messages will show Warnings if there is something preventing them from being sent at the scheduled time (e.g. missing email address). If you fix the source of these warnings, then the actions will be processed at the scheduled time.
  • Past actions/messages will either show a Success status, or a reason why they couldn't be sent.

Upcoming Automation actions can be viewed in the Job Diary

  • If an upcoming message can't be sent (e.g. due to missing data), it will be highlighted yellow
  • You can manually cancel any upcoming message by hovering your mouse over the diary item and clicking the red X button
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