Payment Follow Up Automation

Payment Follow Up Automation

Sometimes customers need a gentle reminder to pay their invoice. 

With the Automation Add-on, you can set ServiceM8 to automatically follow up clients with outstanding invoices, to help your cash flow and minimise time spent chasing clients and monitoring payments.

You can customise your follow-up messages, and send them via email, SMS, or both.

To get started, ensure the Automation Add-on is activated in Settings > ServiceM8 Add-ons:


To activate the Payment Follow Up automation, go to Settings > Automation, and next to Payment Follow Up, click Edit:


Decide how many times you want to follow up clients who have not paid their invoice:


Set whether you want to email and/or SMS the client in each instance, and set when you want the follow up to send:


Note that:

  • Its possible to schedule payment follow-ups to send BEFORE the invoice due date, serving as a reminder for the client that their invoice is due for payment. Sending friendly reminders before the due date gives you a better chance of getting paid sooner, rather than only beginning to follow up once the invoice becomes overdue.
  • The invoice due date is calculated from the date the job was Completed, or the first date a PDF invoice was produced on the job (whichever came first).
  • It is best practice to always update a job to Completed before generating an invoice.

Set your templates for each follow up message.

Note: you can make use of your Smart Assistant to help Generate a message, or improve the writing of a draft or existing template:


Once activated, your email and/or text message follow ups will be scheduled according to the timing set in the automation's settings. Scheduled emails and text messages can be viewed in the job's Diary.

Scheduled payment follow up messages will only be sent if the job has not been paid by the scheduled send time. The message will be cancelled if the job is paid in full before the message is sent.

Who will receive the Payment Follow Up messages?

  • Your automated payment follow up messages will send to the same contact/s you sent the invoice to.
  • The email and/or phone number used must match those of a saved contact on the job in order to send.
  • The Payment follow up email will be sent from the staff member who sent the invoice.

Automatic & manual cancellation of Payment Follow Up messages

Scheduled follow up messages will be cancelled in the event of the following:

  • Full payment is received before the scheduled send time.
  • The customer replies, and you don't a) Respond; or b) Dismiss the reply. Responding to the customer or dismissing their reply will resume the automation.
  • A team member manually cancels the automation by clicking the dropdown next to the automation in the job's Diary online.
  • You resend the invoice to someone who is not a saved contact on the job.

NOTE: The Automation add-on is available on all ServiceM8 plans. Each SMS (text) sent will consume a text credit under your plan.

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