Markup Billing Overview

The Markup Billing add-on adds 'Cost' and 'Markup' information to your material & service items as displayed within job cards, both in the app and online.

This allows you to quickly see the markup of individual material, services or labour line items, and edit pricing on this basis.

You can enable this by going to Settings > ServiceM8 Add-ons > Markup Billing


Online, 'Cost' and 'Markup' columns will appear in your job cards


In the app, when you open an item, the breakdown will now include 'Purchase Cost' and 'Markup'

Both in the app and online, you can click/tap into the Markup field to adjust individual line item prices on a percentage markup basis, to best-suit the job and its profitability.

If you edit the Cost or Price of an item, the Markup % will also update in real time.

How Markup is calculated

Markup is the percentage of how much you "mark up" the price of an item/service, from what it cost you, to what you sell it for. Markup is calculated as follows:

(Sell Price — Cost Price) / Cost Price = Markup (expressed as %)

For example, if Widget X has a Cost of $100, and you sell it for $150, the Markup would be 50%.

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