What is the Advanced Reporting Pack Add-on?

Activating the Advanced Reporting Pack Add-on provides the following additional reporting functionality in the Reports tab of your Online Dashboard:

1. Job List: a .CSV file export of your job history.

2. Client List: a .CSV file export of all your clients.

3. Custom Reports: custom on-screen reporting on Jobs and Job Revenue.

The Reports tab of the Online Dashboard is only accessible to users with a Business Owner security role.

Here's how you can activate the Advanced Reporting Pack:

Go to Settings

Go to Settings

Click ServiceM8 Add-ons

Click ServiceM8 Add-ons

From the ServiceM8 Add-ons page, search the Advanced Reporting Pack add-on

Click the switch button to activate Advanced Reporting Pack add-on

Once activated, you can export Client and Job reports:

You can also generate Custom reports:

You can generate custom reports on Jobs or Job Revenue, filtered by:

  • Job Status
  • Job Category
  • Job Badge
  • Staff Member

How to export Bulk Materials List

By default, you can also export a list of your Items/Materials in ServiceM8. Go to Settings > Materials and click the ‘Export Items’ button.

Click the Material/Service Items Excel File to download.

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