Client Sites Overview

This lesson quickly explains what the Client Sites add-on is and how it works.

To activate it you must login onto your account and follow the link below.

What is Client Sites

What is Client Sites

Client sites is a designed to help manage multiple sites under a single head office. The major benefits:

  • It allows you to store site specific notes, badges, photos and documents against a site.
  • It allows you to store head office specific notes, badges, photos and documents against all sites for that head office. (For Example: Specific requirements when dealing with Mcdonalds.)
  • Invoices are sent to your accounting package under the head office name. (meaning statements can be sent for multiple sites)

How does it work?

Client sites is actually very simple. Sites behave exactly as if they were a client, but with three main differences:

  • Sites do not have a billing contact. The billing contact is always the billing contact of the head office.
  • Quote/Invoice/Work Order templates will use the head office details for company name and billing contact details.
  • When an invoice for a site is sent to your accounting package it will send under the head offices name.

Sites can either be individually created under a existing client or using the site wizard existing clients can be converted to sites of another existing client.

When should I add a client as a site of a head office?

When all work completed on the site is paid for by a head office.

When should I keep the site as a separate client?

When you invoice the site for the work and not the head office.

What should I enter in as the site name?

The best information for you and your staff to identify that site. Some examples are:

  1. Could be 10 street name, suburb.
  2. or 10 street name, suburb - Head office name.
  3. or site nickname.

Can I create a new site for a head office from a new job?

No, at this stage it isn't possible, but this is a planned improvement.

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