How does the MailChimp Integration work?

MailChimp helps you design and send marketing emails and newsletters, share them on social networks, and track your results.

When you activate the MailChimp add-on, all existing ServiceM8 clients will be synced to the MailChimp list, ready for you to send emails.

For information on how to integrate with MailChimp click here.

MailChimp design interface

MailChimp design interface

What syncs from ServiceM8 to MailChimp?

When you integrate with MailChimp, you can choose to sync your ServiceM8 Client Contacts, Job Contacts, or both.

Fields that sync for Client Contacts:

  • First Name (FNAME)
  • Last Name (LNAME)

Fields that sync for Job Contacts

  • First Name (FNAME)
  • Last Name (LNAME)
  • Location (latitude/longitude)
  • Last Job Number (JOB_NUMBER)
  • Last Job Address (JOB_ADDR)
  • Last Job Amount (JOB_AMOUNT)
  • Last Job Created Date (JOB_CREATD)
  • Last Job Completed Date (JOB_CMPLTD)
  • Last Job Category (JOB_CAT)

How often does ServiceM8 data sync to MailChimp?

Any changes to client email addresses, and any new clients added in ServiceM8 will automatically be updated on your MailChimp list daily.

Need to learn more about Email marketing with MailChimp?

Check out the article and video that explain more about Email marketing with Mailchimp, click here.


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