Introduction to the Services Add-on

What is the Services Add-on?

Services is an extremely powerful add-on which can help you get more work, and systemise and streamline the way your business creates, quotes and schedules jobs.

The core concept of the add-on is that you teach ServiceM8 a systemised method of how you price and schedule common services which your business offers. In this context, every time you add one of your services in the Services Add-on, you are creating a “Service”.

There are two main features of the Services Add-on:

  • Self Serve Online Booking Forms
  1. An advanced online booking system, with specific online booking pages for various Services your business creates using the Services Add-on. This is a powerful tool for generating work and saving time on customer communication, quoting, job creation & scheduling.


  • Applying a Service as part of creating a New Job

An option to apply a Service when creating a New Job in the Online Dashboard or ServiceM8 App. This allows instant quoting for potential customers, and empowers office and field staff to confidently quote and schedule jobs without referring to senior staff.

Self Serve Online Booking Forms

With Services, you can teach ServiceM8 how you price work in your business, and which staff are capable of performing each particular service.

With this knowledge, ServiceM8 can host a specific online booking form for each Service, which gathers all the required information from the customer in order to accurately price the job, and allow the customer to book it straight into your ServiceM8 account.

Using these specific and advanced online booking forms, customers can get a live quote, select a time and book a Service, without interacting with your business directly. 

The potential outcomes of a Service’s online booking form are flexible, depending on how you want to use them. These forms can be configured to direct a potential online customer to:

  • Provide all the details you’d usually require for quoting a job, and submit an enquiry.
  • Request an on-site quote (no scheduling options).
  • Book an on-site quote at a certain time.
  • Book an on-site service.

Services can be configured in different ways when it comes to the treatment of pricing:

  • No price displayed.
  • Price displayed.

Customers who book a Service online receive an automatic confirmation email.


Applying a Service as part of creating a new job


The logic and systemization that goes into creating advanced online booking forms for your business’s services is also applied internally, with options to apply Services as part of the job creation process.

When creating new jobs in either the Online Dashboard or App, office and field staff can apply a Service, then step through a systemised question set with customers in person (or over the phone), to provide an instant and accurate quote, and from there, confidently schedule the job without assistance from senior staff.

Types of Services


There are different types of Services that can be created:

  • On-site Services: services involving an on-site quote or job, where you travel to the site.
  • Workshop Services: quotes or jobs for which customers come to your premises.

What if I’m already using the Online Booking Form Add-on?

If you are already using the Online Booking Form Add-on (released 2016), in which ServiceM8 hosts a simple online enquiry form for your business, which pushes enquiries through to your ServiceM8 Inbox, you can continue to use this add-on.

We have renamed this add-on as the “Simple Online Enquiry Add-on”.

However, you may wish to replace it with a more advanced and tailored enquiry form, using the Services Add-on.


Getting started with Services


The Services Add-on is free.

Activate Services in Settings > ServiceM8 Add-ons > Services. Once activated, the Services icon will appear in your Settings menu.

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